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River City Casting is now exclusively using the actor/crew database RoleCall for all current and future castings.

Actors, please fill out your FREE profile by following the easy instructions found at to be considered for future background and speaking roles with River City Casting

RoleCall’s free database allows you to upload headshots, add  a demo reel if you have one, keep your resume up-to-date, and more.

Additionally, RoleCall lets you choose what type of casting calls you want to hear from - so you'll only get notified for projects and roles that match your interests. 

**Be sure to list your main location as Columbus, GA!


Background & Featured Extras Casting

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Have you ever wanted to be an extra in a film or TV show? Background Actors, get listed in our database for free! Experience the fun life on a production set.

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Local Speaking Roles Casting

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River City also casts speaking roles. Local Actors, we want to meet you! For audition consideration, join our free database and let your talent shine.

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Acting Workshops & Classes

$25 to $50 per person

18 years or older. Once a month Acting Workshops or booked Private Coaching for Film, TV, and Stage. For workshop & coaching descriptions, see below.

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Targeting every level of acting experience - from the newcomer who wants a solid, detailed, and effective foundation and approach to acting to the advanced thespian who wants a playground to push, explore, and keep the acting muscles strong and in-shape

Utilizing a proven homework checklist and curriculum, actors prepare a scene or monologue prior to each workshop or coaching session to bring in and perform. We break down work, explore, strengthen, deepen, & clarify to performance level. 


Once a month, a 2 to 3-hour acting workshop (length of class dependent on # of actors). Each workshop will have its own theme and direction. 

COST: $30/person

Instructor, Stacy Cunningham

*Upcoming monthly workshops, we will explore themes such as: character work, comedy rulz, using accents, heightened circumstances but still keeping it real, there are no bit parts, etc. Let me know other themes you want to explore!

AUGUST 1, 2020 Workshop - "The Art of the Audition" @10:00 am

Adult acting workshop (18 and over) 

Instructor: Stacy Cunningham | Location: Uptown on Broadway in Columbus, GA

*For August Workshop, I will assign original, un-produced material as I want actors to come in without any pre-conceived notions. How it truly goes down when auditioning for a role… can’t research how another famous actor did it :)


1.) Each actor is assigned material to prepare and do the homework. Monologue or Scene

2.) Each actor is emailed my Acting Worksheet Technique to facilitate dissecting scene or monologue

3.) Workshop includes vocal/body warm-ups at top of class, improvs & any biz questions at end of class

4.) Cost per actor: $30

5.) TIME & DAY: 

AUGUST 1, Saturday @ 10 am

Email me for your spot in class, and I will send all detailed info.


Think of it like piano or band lessons private coaching. If anyone wants a private acting session (one-on-one or larger group)-  they book me for their preferred time. 


1.) Each actor brings in a prepared Monologue or Scene. I provide a Dropbox Link to material and suggestions if you want to choose from there. 

2.) Each actor is emailed my Acting Worksheet Technique to facilitate dissecting scene or monologue

3.) Booked Session includes vocal/body warm-ups at top of class, improvs & any biz questions at end of class

4.) Cost: 

Private One-On-One: $50/hour

2+ Actors: $25/hour (Approximately 1 to 2 hours, depending on #of actors)

5.) TIME & DAY: 

Weeknights @ 7 pm or daytime weekends. Once date/time requested, our acting space needs to be cleared with at least 24 hours in advance.

Email me to book a private session, and I will send all detailed info.

If you would like to collaborate with fellow students, I will get you in contact with each other.



Every Saturday in March RCC wants to help you get booked! Headshots with professional hair and make up, $50 per look. We suggest character or theatrical. $75 includes slate video. Database sign up assistance with Role Call, IMDB etc. Actors on line presence updates.


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